Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Provident Living?

So Pete and I have been on this kick lately. I got Peter a Bosch mixer with the sworn promise that he would make bread almost weekly and for the last month he has been doing just that.  I am even altering recipes to try new and unique flours.  We already had a wheat grinder so we are using our own wheat. It has been tons of fun. And may I say I love bread when it first comes out of the oven.  Yesterday we started our square foot garden.  One box we covered because we will start that one in March when all those seeds say they should be planted.  But we have 2 tomato plants and six strawberry plants. We are transplanting these into the garden and not starting from seeds so we will get a few things quickly. I put lettuce, spinach, carrot and onion seeds in a few spots and in a couple of weekends will add more so we can have continuous crops. If all goes well we will have plants to harvest in late Febuary to early March.  Now we are throwing around the idea of getting a year supply of food storage for one person and eating almost only that until it is gone to get a realistic idea of what our family really needs and likes.  I just canned my first set of green beans in my pressure canner.  I canned 13 quart sized jars.  I plan on canning one item every month.  Either a fruit or vegetable on sale or beans or soups maybe meat.  We are talking about getting solar panels for the house to cover our whole electric bill.  We have a compost going (although I can't wait for our upgrade to get here the $37 one from home depot was a total flop).  We are thinking about starting a blog about what we have learned from the food storage supply and bread making, canning and gardening.  Maybe we are crazy, maybe there is no call for such things anymore.  Why bake bread when you can buy it for a dollar (the good stuff is more like $3 unless you get the B1/G1)? 

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